Salboy is a nationwide property development company with a proven track record for delivering quality, first-class developments without compromise.

Our track record

Fully owned and operated by Simon Ismail and Fred Done, Salboy has delivered over 3,500 homes across the UK and continues to focus on the development of high quality residential accommodation.

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Our Group & Partners

Our approach

Investing our own money, time and resources is key to our approach, it enables us to create value throughout the entire development process. This value benefits our partners, investors and most importantly our communities. Creating meaningful and purposeful places for people to live, work and play is what we do best, and we ensure that quality is never sacrificed for cost savings. Our long-term approach allows us to promote strong economic growth within the cities, which we invest in. We align ourselves closely with our partnering local authorities to ensure that any physical infra-structure which we deliver, connects strategically to its surrounding neighbourhoods. Nothing is looked at in isolation.

Leadership Team


Fred Done



Simon Ismail

Co-Founder & MD


Joanne Ogden



Our partners

Collaboration with our development partners is key and we know how to get 100% out of our relationships by working with only the best organisations out there. At Salboy, we are involved in the development process from beginning to end. We identify and assemble sites, design and develop masterplans, obtain planning permission, finance and along with our dedicated construction partner, ‘DOMIS’, we control and manage the whole construction process..

 Unlike many other contractors, DOMIS provides an array of other in-house services, offering greater flexibility and certainly to the build process. We believe that this complements our innovative approach to development and ensures a high standard of build as well as quality of finish. 


Sustainable placemaking

We understand the value in place branding and the need for effective placemaking from a development’s earliest stages such as the naming of a place to executing mean-while use and temporary site activation. Long term, sustainable development is also a fundamental part of what we strive to achieve. We take our social responsibility as a developer and Landlord seriously and we continue to push the boundaries in order to create greener, more sustainable places for people to enjoy.

Development Funding

We pride ourselves in understanding borrowers better than anyone else in the industry- offering much more than just funding. Our wealth of construction knowledge is invaluable to you as a developer. We give careful consideration to opportunities that may have been lost through lack of funding. If we see your vision, we will help bring your development to life. We understand better than anyone the perils and pains that can arise when developing.  To learn more about our 100% development finance please visit the dedicated Salboy Build Partner website.