Salboy specialises in private equity investment and property development and is owned and managed by property expert, Simon Ismail and the founder of the largest independent bookmaker in the world ‘Betfred’, Fred Done.

Unlike other property developers in Manchester and the UK, Salboy not only conceptualises, but funds, develops, and delivers property developments to the highest standard. Determined to deliver awe-inspiring projects to transform the cityscape, Salboy began venturing into the realm of property development in 2017, forming Salboy International Limited. During this time, DOMIS Construction was also established to oversee the development process with authenticity, precision, and delivery, while Salboy International concentrates on selling and marketing its own developments to the global audience.

The benefits of this are twofold: not only are we able to consistently oversee the entire development process and assure the utmost quality, but we can also provide assurance and assistance to investors and potential homeowners from around the world. In recent years, we have built up our reputation as a trusted property developer based in Manchester and have helped countless UK investors through their investment journeys.

Four major residential UK schemes are currently under construction by DOMIS and are situated in Manchester. The developments are Local Crescent, Local Blackfriars, Burlington Square and The Press. Alongside these schemes, Salboy has also invested in a number of brilliant projects located throughout the UK and across the Asia Pacific – truly redefining the property market.

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Finance – Salboy Ltd.

Salboy was first established as a financial service equity investment company, providing 100% funding for experienced property developers and investors, considering proposals for all types of commercial and residential property within the mainland UK.

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Develop – Salboy International Ltd.

Salboy International was launched in 2017 with the sole purpose of selling and marketing Salboy’s own developments to the owner-occupier and investor market.

With a vision for the future, Salboy further expanded into Asia. Salboy’s Asia division is headquartered in Hong Kong and aims to better service and meet the needs of new and recurrent overseas investors; as well as having a vision to promote and establish the development and lending arms of the business in Hong Kong and wider South East Asia.

Together Salboy’s global teams strive to deliver unparalleled properties and knowledgeable market information; with core values to execute high impact, high return, durable developments of the finest quality. Such a unique business model has no boundaries and as a team, Salboy endeavours to provide clients with an attentive, well-rounded service throughout our journey together.


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Construct – DOMIS Construction Ltd.

In line with Salboy’s vast property portfolio, a commitment to unrivalled service excellence is essential. In light of this, DOMIS Construction was formed in 2017, by Fred Done, Simon Ismail and Lee McCarren, to support the development process from concept to completion.

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